Refugio Altiplano Healing Center is a paradise of natural healing and inspiration located deep in the Amazon Basin. Our professional staff combines centuries of Shamanic wisdom with extensive experience and knowledge of healing plants. This refuge is located in the Amazonian on 1200-plus acres of rainforest, gardens and wild streams. It is recognized as the most effective Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, making Ayahuasca, the Mother of Amazonian plant medicines accessible to a global audience. Our focus and mission is on opening the door to healing and personal development for every guest.

Currently taking reservations for September and October 2014

What kind of experiences do your guests have in your Center?

This was my first experience with drinking Ayahuasca. From the moment I arrived in Iquitos the staff at Refugio Altiplano made me feel very welcome and attended to all of my needs. Specially since I do not speak Spanish they provided two very nice ladies who were helping with the translation barrier. I attended four Ayahuasca ceremonies. The brew seemed to be very good. The plant medicine helped me achieve some of my goals in searching for a spiritual awakening. Was it 100 % life changing? No. But has it changed my life? Yes and for the better. The shaman were very nice. The icaros Jose sang was amazing and beautiful. You can tell that when he sings that it comes from his heart. My back had been causing some issues with pain. Jose prepared me a tea which seemed to help my back feel better. The other shaman Rosendo sang icaros that would put me into a trance of some sort. He could vibrate the room with his songs. My experiences with the Ayahuasca were sometimes dark nearly frightening and other made my heart filled with love and joy. The food was plentiful and I will miss getting my fruit bowl every morning that the staff would bring directly to my room which was a three level tree house. If you want a jungle experience this is a real deal. Although I did not know Scott Peterson personally you can tell how much he is missed by some of the current staff. I think having someone of his charisma will be some hard shoes to fill. My experience with Refugio Altiplano was pleasurable and I hope to have this experience again some time in the future.

~Dereck Albright August 25th – 29th 2014

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Programs Available Beginning November 2014

Refugio Altiplano Healing Center will be offering a seven-day or a twelve-day program; which will benefit our clientele with a more in-depth schedule that based on our experience our seekers will benefit.  Social interaction is important, you will be amongst other seekers from all around the globe that will share your passion of natural healing.

For shorter visits please don’t hesitate to Email: refugioaltiplano123@gmail.com for availability and price.

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Making a reservation is easy

At Refugio Altiplano Healing Center we work all year around. Our services includes; transfers from the airport to the Refugio, fresh and healthy meals (except no dinner during Ayahuasca ceremonies), saunas, medicinal-herbs cleansing baths from the botanical garden, and activities available as: fishing, kayaking, jungle walk, walking to the botanical garden, visit to Santa Ana village and Magdalena village. Every activity will be guided by our tour guide as per request.

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Tribute to Scott Petersen

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