Welcome To Refugio Altiplano

Refugio Altiplano is a paradise of natural healing and inspiration located deep in the Amazon Basin. Our professional staff combine centuries of shamanic wisdom with extensive experience and knowledge of healing plants. Scott’s refuge is 1200 acres of rainforest, gardens and wild streams. It is recognized as the most effective Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, making Ayahuasca, the Mother of Amazonian plant medicines accessible to a global audience.

Our focus is on opening the door to healing and personal development for every guest. You will achieve yours goals and reclaim your birthright to health and happiness. Ayahuasca ceremonies guided by respected shamans from the Amazon are held five days a week. You will experience the blessing of Ayahuasca in an authentic, supportive environment that guides your adventure of psychic exploration and accelerates your evolution.

Making a reservation is easy.

Write to our mail and let us know the date and time of your arrival in Iquitos, Peru. Scott Petersen will answer your e-mail, and confirm your reservation. One of our secretaries will meet you at the airport, bring you to our office in town, and then to Refugio Altiplano.

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Ayahuasca is the Mother of all Medicines in the rainforest. She teaches us where our strengths and weaknesses lie by stripping away psychosomatic blockages, and restoring our native health and perception.

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Shamanism is the origin and grass-roots beginning of religion in every culture. Christ, Krishna, and Buddha were shamans and healers and their teachings produced the formal religions of the world.

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Tribute to Scott Petersen

20We have lost a visionary and a great shaman. He had an accident and now he rest in peace with the mother Nature. And those who have had the fortune to meet him, we will keep your legacy in our hearts. Thank you Scott Petersen. Read more