Refugio Altiplano

Refugio Altiplano

Ayahuasca is the Mother of all Medicines in the Amazon rainforest. It teaches us where our strengths and weaknesses lie by stripping away psychosomatic blockages, and restoring our native health and perception. It penetrates our nervous system and renews conducts of energy debilitated by toxins, stress, confusion and anxiety. Ayahuasca inspire with the vision and wisdom to manifest positive changes in personal lives and guides through quantum leaps in the evolution as human being.

This plant medicine is powerful and complex healing. It is important to work with a Shaman who knows how to act as a bridge between the spirit world and the modern world.

Most of our guests consider their time at Refugio Altiplano Healing Center a life-altering experience. With respect for indigenous tradition and the spirit of the plants, the Shipibo Shamans spend many hours preparing the Ayahuasca brew, a combination of banisteriopsis caapi vine (Ayahuasca) and psychotria vidiris leaves (Chacruna). These sacred plants are plentiful in the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to Refugio Altiplano Healing Center decades of experience our Shamans consistently prepare powerful medicine and offer inspiring and effective ceremonies four times a week.4

The Shipibo Shamans who work for a long time in the Refugio Altiplano Healing Center are;

  • Jose Huanaquiri – talented mestizo Ayahuascero from a community nearby with over twenty years of experience of the Ayahuasca medicine. He is now considered a great Ayahuasquero that his singing is a powerful healing.
  • Rosendo Marin López – talented healing man, grew up in the Shipibo tradition and tribe near Pucallpa. He has been attending Ayahuasca ceremonies for over 30 years. His singing of icaros in Shipibo invites to relax and embrace the ceremony with a grace and connection that has to be experienced to believe.

They have been practicing Ayahuasca ceremonies for over 20 years. This gracious sacrament empowers us to enjoy our lives and celebrate our birthright to health and abundance on our sacred planet.

Learn how Ayahuasca is used in ceremony