The Staff

People make the difference in any organization and we are proud of the authentic, talented individuals who work with us. We have full-time, year round employees at both Refugio Altiplano Healing Center and our office in downtown Iquitos.

Mariela and Pamela is part of the staff at Iquitos office.   They meet new clients when they arrive at the airport and also work constantly to re-supply the Refugio with clean drinking water and fresh food from the Iquitos market and the surrounding communities.

There is another, larger, full-time group of employees at Refugio Altiplano, providing security, maintaining the buildings and grounds, cooking and serving meals to guests and workers, cleaning the houses, doing laundry, preparing the plant medicines, leading excursions and doing anything else possible to make your stay comfortable and memorable.


From the hundreds of native Shamans available we work with a select few who meet our requirements of extensive experience, talent, connection with the spirit world and professional integrity. In order to do this we frequently travel throughout the region, attending ceremonies and consulting with other Shamans, healers and friends to be aware and acquainted with peers in the Peruvian Shamanic community.


José Huanaquieri

Jose has been involved in shamanic healing for twenty years, and has developed a deep understanding of the Ayahuasca medicine. He is now considered an accomplished ayahuascero. His singing is powerful and inspiring. Jose lives in the nearby village of  Tarapaca where he has an important role as coordinator within the local community.

Rosendo Marin López23

Rosando grew up in the Shipibo tradition and tribe near Pucalpa, in the Amazon basin south of Iquitos. He has been attending ayahuasca ceremonies for over 30 years, and working as a healer for most of his life. Rosando’s singing of icaros in the Shipibo dialect invites the spirits into the ceremony with a grace and connection that has to be experienced to be believed.

The Supporting Staff at the Center

Our excellent supporting staff of gardeners, carpenters, security, chefs, and cleaners are dedicated to the care and comfort of every guest.