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Our Services

Our extensive facilities are available all year, providing ayahuasca ceremonies 5 times per week. Guests join us on fixed date 12 day retreats throughout the year, on a casual basis, or for long-stay immersions.


Shamanism is spiritual healing work performed in an altered state of consciousness.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

The ceremonies provides a safe, protected and comfortable atmosphere where our shamans coordinate your healing with Ayahuasca.

Plants & Diets

Maintaining your strength, awareness and spiritual progress with a balanced diet, meditation, exercise and powerful plant medicine.

Guided Activities

Our support staff coordinates one of many interesting activities and excursions available within our local area each day.

Improve Your Life

Imagine being free of your past, overcoming death and experiencing a deep connection with the infinite power of Spirit, while living a new life with a serene, expanded and peaceful mind.

Because You Matter

Our mission: The Refugio exists to provide our visitors a place to heal their bodies and spirits. It is a center for spiritual growth and personal healing. We are here to help our guests reconnect with the plant and animal kingdoms while facilitating each individual’s awakening process and the greater healing of Mother earth.

Safe Facilities & Natural Medicine

Our ceremony house is an impressive structure and a sacred space, which is used for ayahuasca ceremonies . On the nights off, we invite guests to swim in the river and relax in the sauna.

Ayahuasca Shamanic Healing

We practice ayahuasca shamanism and holistic natural medicine healing of the mind, body and soul at our center, which is protected by more than 1,200 acres of wild, vibrant forests.

Experience of a Lifetime

Our guests join us at our center to experience powerful life altering ayahuasca ceremonies, regain control of their lives, and return home with a new energy and lust for life.

Customer Testimonials


The staff here are amazing people. Great food, fantastic service. Jose the shaman is wonderful. Mel is an angel with the quickest wit. The rooms are great, views breathtaking.

Shawn O.


I stayed at refugio for 1 month. From the moment I arrived I felt safe and supported by the shamans and staff. I was desperate for healing with 2 years battling severe adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance. I had tried many western and alternative medicines before this but nothing helped.

Colleen S.


I was ready to give up on life, happiness and the ability to have a stable, loving relationship. I left Refugio a better, stronger, happier version of myself. A self that was there all along but was deeply repressed. I would recommend Refugio to anyone.

Brian B.

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Ayahuasca Retreats

Casual Stay

5 Days

The Refugio Altiplano Healing Center was founded on the philosophy that there needed to be a special place where guests could come and heal in a supportive environment, whenever they needed to do so. This service continues today, with guests able to make bookings at short notice for whatever duration they feel is appropriate. As we run 5 ayahuasca ceremonies per week, you will have the opportunity to experience several ceremonies even during a short stay.

12 Day Retreat

12 Days

Refugio Altiplano Healing Center stands by its 12 Day Retreat as being the most effective, and the best value for money in the Amazon. Inclusive of 7 ayahuasca ceremonies, this program is suitable for all type of healing and exploration needs. The shamanic work will be individualized and your communication with the Shaman will be facilitated by our bi-lingual translators.


26 Days

To accommodate guests who are looking for an extended stay at the ‘Refugio’, we offer a long-stay ‘Immersion’ program lasting 26 days.  Immersion Programs begin the first day of every 12 day retreat and finish the last day of the 12 day retreat that follows. For bookings of 25 nights or more, the cost is reduced per night.