What We Do…

Our extensive facilities are available all year, providing ayahuasca ceremonies 5 times per week. Guests join us on fixed date 12 day retreats throughout the year, on a casual basis, or for long-stay immersions.

Our approach is designed to accomplish effective individualized shamanic healing, so your healing and growth process is compatible and sensitive to your individual needs and aspirations. You will talk privately with our Shaman and Facilitator after you arrive about your reasons for coming to the Refugio, and the goals you would like to accomplish while you are here.

Achieving Higher States of Being

As a shamanic healing center, we practice spiritual healing while in an altered state of consciousness. This state allows our Shaman to commune with their spirit allies, and to guide the experience of the guest so that they may achieve healthier states of being. For more information on Shamanism please click here.

Using Ayahuasca

In order to access these altered states of consciousness, we use the sacred plant medicine ‘Ayahuasca’. The brew is the result of the combining the ayahuasca vine and the leaves of the chacruna plant. The ingredients are sourced from our botanical garden, and we do not use any foreign admixtures. For more information on ayahuasca please click here.

The ayahuasca is considered a medicine and a powerful teacher. It is during a formal, structured ceremony that this sacrament is consumed by the Shaman and the participants. The ceremony lasts for several hours, directed by the Shaman and supervised by our support staff. For more information on how we use Ayahausca in ceremony please click here.

Alternative Medicine

At Refugio Altiplano Healing Center, in addition to ayahuasca, we are able to provide you with herbal medicine and Shamanic diets customized to your healing needs and aspirations. Following a consultation with the Shaman, suitable herbs or plants will be sourced from our botanical garden. For more information on Plants & Diets please click here.


During the day we amplify your introspection and relaxation with a wide range of activities including; swimming, sauna, fishing, kayaking, botanical garden walk, jungle hike, village visit, floral bath etc. Activities are supervised and optional, giving you the comfort and freedom to enjoy the natural habitat as you wish. For more information on our Guided Activities please click here.