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the ‘Mother of all Medicines’ in the Amazon rainforest


Ayahuasca is the ‘Mother of all Medicines’ in the Amazon rainforest. It teaches us where our strengths and weaknesses lie by stripping away psychosomatic blockages and restoring our native health and perception. It penetrates our nervous system and renews conduits of energy debilitated by toxins, stress, confusion, and anxiety. Ayahuasca inspires with vision and wisdom to manifest positive changes in personal lives and guides through quantum leaps in the evolution as a human being.

This plant medicine is a powerful and complex healing agent. It is important to work with a Shaman who knows how to act as a bridge between the spirit world and the modern world.

With respect for indigenous tradition and the spirit of the plants, the Shamans spend many hours preparing the Ayahuasca brew, a combination of banisteriopsis caapi vine (Ayahuasca) and psychotria viridis leaves (Chacruna). This process is demonstrated on a monthly basis, allowing guests to see for themselves how we prepare medicine.

These sacred plants are plentiful in the Amazon rainforest, however as our center promotes sustainability by regularly planting these plants on our property. As we work all you round, we are able to offer inspiring and effective ceremonies 5 times per week.