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Guided Activities

Many interesting activities and excursions available within our local area

Guided Activities

Most afternoons, our support staff will coordinate one of the many interesting activities and excursions available within our local area.
These activities may include:

Visit to Local Communities

Refugio Altiplano Healing Center is 35 kilometers from the bustle and noise in Iquitos, and full of singing birds and the natural peaceful vitality of the rain-forest. There are no roads, and rivers are the only access.

We use the rivers as roadways and travel on them to visit villages and communities nearby. Tamshiyacu is the closest town with hotel, internet, and medical services. It is an inspiring exhibition of Amazonian culture and a relaxing 45 minute boat ride from the Refugio. Our guests visit this friendly town regularly, and sometimes see pink dolphins fishing and playing at the mouth of Rio Tamshiacyu.

Tarapaca is a fascinating 15 minute hike from the Refugio, and the village where many Refugio Altiplano employees live. The serene agricultural community Magdelena is a 30 minute ride upriver, and our guests go there often with one of our guides to enjoy the fresh coconuts and visit with the relaxed and friendly local residents. The Amazonian people enjoy meeting people from other countries and cultures, and have a genuine interest in visitors who come to see them.

Jungle Tours

People living in the modern world are often unaware that healthy, vibrant rain forests are essential to the long term survival of our planet. Our staff are gifted people who dedicate their valuable time and effort to protecting this sacred forest. Refugio Altiplano is a 1200 acre reserve in the Amazon Basin. The vital, wild forest around us is a potent and protective spirit that inspires and empowers our healing work, nourishes our bodies, minds and souls, and guides us forward through the challenges and opportunities presented to us. A guided jungle walk through this beautiful reserve is an unforgettable opportunity to appreciate and assimilate the life and abundance our precious planet has to offer.

Botanical Garden

We are very privileged to have a beautiful botanical garden on our property, which is the source of ingredients for many plant medicines that are prescribed to our guests. With the help of one of translators, the Shaman will teach you about a variety of plants and herbs, their medicinal use and their importance within the culture. For pictures of our botanical garden, please review our gallery by clicking here.