The origin and grass-roots beginning of religion in every culture.


Shamanism is the origin and grass-roots beginning of religion in every culture. Christ, Krishna, and Buddha were shamans and healers and their teachings produced the formal religions of the world. Today our allegiance and loyalty, for lack of any other believable option, is given to scientific evidence and proof. While religious systems, leaders and empires along with governments, political leaders, social philosophies, medical science and psychiatry are losing influence and respect. Many intelligent people are looking toward the shamanic roots of knowledge and healing with the hope of finding where the original potency and effectiveness was lost.

Shamanism is spiritual healing work performed in an altered state of consciousness induced by psychotropic plants, sleep deprivation, drumming, dancing and other techniques developed by cultures across the globe. Many Shamanic healers are effective herbal medicine doctors but they rely on intuition and spirit allies to accomplish their Spiritual healing work. Your physical, emotional and spiritual body are brought into harmony and equilibrium with Shamanic healing. When a shaman makes adjustments and heals an imbalance in your spirit, your emotional and physical state immediately go into catharsis to adjust and align with the new level of health and strength defined by your spiritual growth.

More about Shamanic Healing

The definitive study on shamanism was written by the late Mircea Eliade in his book, Shamanism: Tribes and indigenous people from around the globe identify an extraordinary individual to be this mediator with Spirit. This person may also be the medicine man, magician, sage, and/or healer. Western society has utilized the label “shaman” to refer to masters of the technique of ecstasy in any culture.

Interest in the abilities and techniques of shamanic healing has grown in western societies. Those of us born and raised in the West are realizing that western medicine, although very powerful and needed for certain diseases and injuries, has severe limitations for healing.

“One reason why the practices of energy healing have been kept so closely guarded is that they are often mistaken for a set of techniques, in the same way the Western medicine is sometimes regarded as a set of procedures. We mistakenly think that we can master energy healing by learning the rules. However, for the shaman it is not about the rules or ideas. It is about vision and Spirit. And while the healing practices often vary from village to village, the Spirit never varies. True healing is nothing less than an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity.” — Healer, Sage, Alberto Villoldo

Healing Comes From Within

Often a surgical procedure or a course of antibiotic medicine will produce a cure and change in a patient’s symptoms but they return to the same or a similar disease because they did not change their thinking, their habits, their living circumstances, or whatever was causing the disease in the first place. The shaman connects with the patient’s Spirit and works to bring the client back into harmony on multiple levels. From there, the client’s renewed immune system is able to heal, nurture, and take care of itself.

Working with a shaman and developing your shamanic capacities include bringing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves into alignment. Shamanism and ayahuasca work with and adjust the subtle energies defining and creating your body, mind and Spirit – We call it the luminous body and it defines your energy and capacity, and opens new potential and perception. Imagine learning to live with one foot in this world and one in eternity, traveling to worlds below and above earth, and returning to tell the stories. Imagine being free of your past, overcoming death and experiencing a deep connection with the infinite power of Spirit, while living a new life with a serene, expanded and peaceful mind.

We are fortunate to live in a time when our indigenous elders have chosen to share with the western world their ancient wisdom about the Earth and her people. From Siberia, Africa and Australia to ayahuasca ceremonies in the Americas, caretakers of the Earth who have lived unceasingly in harmony with Nature for thousands of years, are teaching us to wake up and learn to tend the planetary garden that sustains us so beautifully.

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