Ayahuasca Diet


The Ayahuasca diet is simply a way of cleansing or preparing the body for an Ayahuasca retreat.  Preparing the body in this way will help make the Ayahuasca retreat in the ceremony experience a bit smoother and easier for our guests.

Importance of Ayahuasca Ceremony Preparation Diet

While we do recommend that our guests go through an Ayahuasca cleansing diet before they come for a retreat, it isn’t a requirement; not everyone does it.  Yet for those who can do it, it is a good thing to do in preparation for their retreat; it will help them have a much easier physical and spiritual healing experience.  

Ayahuasca Diet Preparation: Pre-Retreat Restrictions 

The types of foods that we recommend that our guests avoid include fast foods, deep-fried foods, and foods that are heavily condimented, meaning very spicy foods.  Concerning proteins, we suggest that our guests also avoid large portions of red meat and pork products.  We also recommend reducing, or eliminating if possible, sugary treats and desserts in preparation for their retreat, and reducing salt intake: that is, using less salt on foods and avoiding very salty snacks like potato chips, salted nuts, etc.  We recommend that people stop eating these kinds of foods for two to three weeks before traveling to the Refugio for their retreat. 

NOTE: We strongly recommend that guests avoid all alcohol during this pre-retreat dietary period.  It is also essential that all drug use cease during this period, prior to attending one of our retreats.  And if a guest is taking prescribed medication, it is absolutely essential that they share this information with us prior to attending a retreat. 

Ayahuasca Diet List: Food to Eat 

The types of foods that we suggest our guests eat in preparation for their retreat include lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and when it comes to sources of protein, sources such as fish and chicken, which tend to be a little bit lighter on the digestive system, are acceptable.  Yet we still recommend avoiding foods that are deep fried.  NOTE: vegetarian and vegan guests are usually in good standing with their diets before visiting.  Yet it is still recommended that those guests monitor, and reduce if necessary, their intake of salty and sugary foods before coming.

What do I eat on the day of the Ayahuasca ceremony?  

Our kitchen staff prepares all the meals.  They will of course provide foods that are compliant with our ayahuasca diet.  These will include local fresh fruits and vegetables, and perhaps a small portion of fish or chicken.  On the days when we hold ceremony, we will serve an early dinner, a light meal of rice or quinoa, and some easy-to-digest vegetables and fruits.  We typically have this dinner in the middle of the afternoon so that the body has time to digest the food more fully before the ceremony begins in the evening.

Post Retreat Restrictions: 

After their retreat has finished, we simply recommend that guests follow a healthy diet, avoiding fast foods, deep-fried foods, and large amounts of sugary and salty foods.  


How long to diet before ayahuasca? 

Between 2 and 3 weeks is our recommendation. 

Can you eat bread on an ayahuasca diet? 

Yes, bread is fine. But avoid sourdough bread & over-processed bread. Bake fresh bread when you can.

Why diet before ayahuasca? 

The ayahuasca ceremonies can be an intense experience.  Guests who have been eating a lot of fast foods, salty and condimented, and sugary foods may have a little rougher experience over the first couple of ceremonies.  Furthermore, the ayahuasca medicine will purge and cleanse the body of toxins, so the less a guest has on board, the less of that work the medicine will have to do.

What Are The Benefits Of Following The Diet? 

A smoother ayahuasca retreat experience.  There will likely be less cleansing and hard purging and the guest will have an easier physical experience and probably a better overall retreat.