Our Facilities

The ideal environment to practice ayahuasca shamanism and natural medicine healing

Our facilities

Refugio Altiplano Healing Center is protected by more than 1,200 acres of wild, vibrant forests. The environment is serene, unique, private and peaceful. It is the ideal environment to practice ayahuasca shamanism and natural medicine healing.

El centro

“El Centro” is a large three story 2-El-Centrobuilding that is the hub of our activities during the day. It has a spacious kitchen, screened dining area and modern restroom facilities. It includes a hammock section where guests can relax and observe the exotic bird and monkey population.

The library

In a recent extension of ‘El Centro’, we have added a sitting area and a library, which contains useful books on Shamanism, Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine as well as Psychology, Anthropology and Literature. At the Refugio there is time for relaxing and enjoying the company of other guests, and a good book.


We have spacious two and three Casa de Shaleafstory houses for our guests. They are screened and protected against mosquitoes, with balconies overlooking the rainforest and river. Each house is purposefully designed and situated strategically around our property, with a cushion of forest between each house for peace and privacy. Your house will become your ‘home away from home’.
We are pleased to offer our guests some Western comforts that are a luxury in the jungle. Each house has its own modern style bathroom. It includes running water, shower and flushing toilet. Water for the bathroom is provided by rain collection systems on the roofs of each house, and sometimes filled from the fresh water streams on our property.
Each house can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. The beds are raised from the floor, and covered with mosquito netting for protection. The room also contains shelving for your clothes and belongings, and a sitting area. The second story has an adjoining hammock area where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

Ceremony house

The Ceremony House, also referred to as a ‘Maloca’ was the first permanent structure built at the center. It is a large spacious two-story structure, 50 feet in diameter with a 30 foot rise to the roof. There is a bench around the circumference and comfortable mats where you can sit or lay down to experience the Ayahuasca ceremony. A large modern restroom is attached to the main ceremonial area.


On non-ceremony days before dinner is served, guests relax from 5-7pm in our sauna. Our sauna was inspired by Native American sweat lodges and was built near to a clear, cool stream so you can refresh your spirit, and detoxify your physical body, accelerating the healing potential of the Shamanic work and medicine. It will ensure you have a deep sleep and fill you with strength for the ceremony the following night.


Each morning a bowl of fresh fruit and hot 6herbal tea will be brought to your house at 7:30am.
Healthy meals made with fresh produce will be served at El Centro at 2:00pm & 7:00pm.
The drinking water in your house and used in cooking is purified and sourced from Iquitos.
Houses will be cleaned and linnen replaced on a regular basis.
A laundry service is available to guests.
There is a charging station in El Centro for your devices, and power in most houses from dusk.