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Best Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru

Refugio Altiplano has been in operation since 1996. We are proud to have provided over two decades of safely guided, excellent shamanic healing services to a global clientele.

  • 20+ Years of Safely Guided Healing
  • Located in the pristine Peruvian rainforest
  • Affordable rates and group discounts available

Everything You Need to Relax & Heal

We give each guest the support needed to process and assimilate their own experience at refugio altiplano. A first class center offers private residences, housekeeping and laundry services. Our talented kitchen crew can also accommodate the dietary needs of each guest during your stay.
“My memories of Altiplano will always be with me because they are so special. The love and dedication that your staff provides to the guests is unmeasurable, from office staff to the retreat itself! The location is breathtaking, along with superb facilities! One day I think I may be able to find the correct the words to describe how Refugio made me feel… but for now there are no words great enough.”
Darren R

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Retreat Stay Options | Refugio Altiplano Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos

12 Day Retreat Experience

Considered the most effective retreat experience, as well as the best value when compared to other Amazon jungle ayahuasca retreats. This program suits all types of healing and exploration needs. The 12 day retreat experience offers 7 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies, personal communication with the shaman, and individualized shamanic work. The retreat is offered at $1,800.

9 Day Retreat

The Refugio Altiplano Healing Center was founded on the philosophy that there needed to be a special place where guests could come and heal in a supportive environment, whenever they needed to do so. This retreat is offered at $1,400.  

7 Day Retreat

The Refugio Altiplano Healing Center was founded on the philosophy that there needed to be a special place where guests could come and heal in a supportive environment, whenever they needed to do so. Begins on Saturday at the beginning of each program and ends on Fridays. As we run 5 ayahuasca ceremonies per week, you will have the opportunity to experience several ceremonies even during a short stay. This retreat is offered at $1,080.

Immersion Option

Some guests require longer stays at our retreat to meet their specific needs. Whether addressing physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns, desiring to study more about shamanism and ayahuasca medicine, or participating in plant or shaman diets. The immersion program lasts for 26 days and offers 15 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies. This retreat is offered at $3,000.

For any additional information about any of the options available at our Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos, please contact us.

Refugio Altiplano is an Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos, Peru. Our extensive facilities are available to our guests throughout the year, providing traditional ayahuasca ceremonies and shamanic guidance

Our Doors Are Always Open | Refugio Altiplano Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos

Since there is a constant flow of visitors through Refugio Altiplano Healing Center, you are welcome at any time, or as part of one of our scheduled retreats

Individualized Attention | Refugio Altiplano Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos

Our approach is designed to accomplish effective individualized shamanic healing, so your healing and growth process is compatible and sensitive to coordinate with your individual needs and aspirations. You will talk privately with our shaman after you arrive about your reasons for coming to the Refugio and the goals you would like to accomplish while you are here.

What is Included?

All of the options available at our ayahuasca center include the following services:


  • Transport between Iquitos, Peru & the retreat facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Healthy meals
  • House cleaning and laundry service
  • Traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies (5 times per week)
  • Plant medicine (as prescribed)
  • Consultations with the Shaman
  • Guided activities
  • Sauna (available on non-ceremony night)

Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews

We are proud to announce that we have received a five star rating and the Trip Advisor certificate of Excellence for 3 years in a row.
See Our Trip Advisor Page

Peruvian Ayahuasca Retreats

There are many choices when looking for the perfect Ayahuasca retreat center. Look no further. We are committed to excellence and you can see the results from reading what our past guests have to say.

We offer only traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremonies and employ some of the very best shamans in Peru.
Our expansive center and large private houses offer you the perfect comfort and peace to fully experience the rainforest in its glory.

We provide morning tea and fruit delivery right to your doorstep. Daily maid service and laundry services are also included. There is no more wonderful place you could choose for the experience of a lifetime.

Best Ayahuasca Retreat in South America

“I went to paradise on earth and met people that care deeply for my wellbeing!
We arrived by boat to this paradisiac place that I thought I would only be able to see, something like it, on the discovery channel. There are several rustic houses with regular bathrooms and showers, the bed has a net, as well as the windows of the house. The people that work there are great, they care and always have a genuine smile. I fell in love with the shamans! They gave me individual attention and adopted me into their family. I was able to just sit, meditate and relax. Oh, and I was able to feed the local little monkeys of the area. I also had wild tropical fruit from trees on the property. I now understand why some people go there three to four times a year for many years. I will go back as soon as I can. Ayahuasca isn’t the only awesome trip one can have. The place itself is paradise on earth, a wonderful trip!!!”

Previous Retreat Guest

“Amazing location and awesome staff! The shaman Jose is a thoughtful healer with a gentle, kind, and empathetic approach. It’s important to be around people you can trust, and I feel like Jose cares for me as much as he does for his own children. The owner Kelly is a great guy. He understands the importance of laughter as part of the healing process, and provided us with many laughs and lots of smiles and positivity. There is no WiFi and limited electricity, and I think that was a great part about being there — to unplug from my phone and computer screen. The huts are large, clean, and comfortable. So large that I think the word “hut” is misleading. I had a great experience and would recommend Refugio to anyone who wants to know more about the healing powers of Ayahuasca.”
Daniel D

Previous Retreat Guest

“I just wanted to thank you for keeping Refugio Altplano alive. This has been the best month of my life. I felt so loved and taken care of. Jamie and José are amazing shamans!”
Need Name

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