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Yes Ayahuasca can change your personality. In fact just one psychedelic experience can alter our personality for months, years, sometimes indefinitely.

Most of us grow up and live in a predictable world where we are told what is true, what is not true, what is right and wrong, good and bad, and so on and so forth. In the box is how we are conditioned to experience and integrate reality, which forms a basic prototype of personality. However, once we ingest substances such as LSD, magic mushrooms or Ayahuasca, inevitably we discover that the world we have been spoon fed to believe and obey is, in many ways, totally incorrect. This applies to; religious dogma, money, gender, color of skin, education, career paths, the agreed upon molds of society, the clothes we wear, etc.  Psychedelics will blow the lid off everything we thought we knew about the world and ourselves while downloading new software into the mainframe of self, forever transforming the glorious world we never knew existed.

I had a few mushroom and LSD trips in high school that were fun and exciting. Yet I was still very judgmental and negative and viewed all humans as separate from me, too uptight and serious for their own good, and not worth my compassion. Flash-forward into my twenties where, on one single occasion, I ingested five grams of mushrooms. The perfect allotment to soar me over the rainbow to that instantaneous “ah-ha” moment. The moment where I wholeheartedly, without a measure of doubt, felt the connectedness of myself to all humans and each to the other. Judgment and separation went right out the door. Overnight I became kinder, gentler, more patient and empathetic to the human condition than I ever imagined was possible. Even the unforgivable, dictators and serial killers alike, were one with me and deserved forgiveness. This experience allowed me to see with eyes wide open, instead of eyes wide shut. It forever changed the way I behaved and interacted with humanity. Would I have come to this personality shift on my own at some later juncture in life? Maybe, but it was the actual physical experience of embodying this raw, emotional truth that changed me at my core. Something only near-death experiences can make happen, or aids like Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, LSD or pure MDMA. Although the “high” lasted just a few hours, it has only enhanced throughout my life. So yes, Ayahuasca, being the powerful catalyst to higher states of consciousness it is, can and will, change you forever, personality and all.

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