How Much Does an Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru Cost?

Ayahuasca retreats are a wellness trend that are fast gaining attention due to the health and well-being benefits experienced by those who attend ayahuasca ceremonies. With so much to offer, people who research the topic inevitably ask “what does an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru cost?”

The ayahuasca retreat cost is influenced by a wide variety of factors that we are going to explore in this blog post.

Factors Influencing Ayahuasca Retreat Costs

Consider the following factors that contribute to the quality and ayahuasca trip cost:

  • Location of retreat center

Without exception, transport will always significantly influence the cost of the ayahuasca retreat experience, particularly if the retreat center is out of town or out of the country. It is only to be expected that the further away the retreat, the more you would pay in travel and accommodation expenses.  In the case of our retreat center, guests must travel to Iquitos, Peru, in South America.

  • Group size

Larger retreat groups tend to carry a lower price tag compared to smaller groups where higher per-person costs apply. Having fewer participants at a retreat is worth the cost though if you prefer more personalized attention from healers.

  • Length of retreat

The Peru ayahuasca retreat price is largely affected by the duration of the retreat. Shorter retreats are more affordable but may feel rushed. Extended retreats come at a higher price and a more comprehensive experience.

  • Type of accommodation

Naturally, the type of accommodation offered contributes to the cost of retreat. Expect to pay more for luxurious accommodation than for a shared room or basic facilities.

Many ayahuasca retreats can include additional cost factors such as:

  • Extra activities

Many extra activities can be integrated into an ayahuasca retreat experience. Additional wellbeing-focused activities like hiking, yoga, massage, and meditation can elevate your spiritual journey during ayahuasca, however, these can increase the price tag of the retreat.

  • Shaman fees

Central to a quality ayahuasca experience is the expertise and skill of the shaman. It is not uncommon to find that the retreat cost corresponds to the depth of the shaman’s experience.‌

Average Costs for an Individual in an Ayahuasca Trip

The average costs for a person on an Ayahuasca trip vary based on the chosen retreat package, offering options ranging from top-tier to standard or low-budget retreat packages:

  • Top-tiered retreat packages

At the top end of the price range are private, custom, and luxury ayahuasca retreat packages that are mostly out of reach of the average individual. At an average cost of $ 4,000 for a week-long retreat, the cost here covers bespoke experiences accommodating the preferences of the individual from accommodation types to tailored menus to the expertise of a shamanic facilitator.

  • Standard retreat packages

A more appealing option for many, and kinder on the pocket too, that offers value is standard retreat packages. In this medium category, the price can range between $1,500 to $2,200 for a one-week retreat.

In general, standard retreat packages offer comfortable and functional facilities, fair-sized groups, and fewer additional activities compared to high-end packages. Ayahuasca retreat centers that offer standard packages commonly have a good reputation with positive reviews.

  • Low-budget retreats

For those restricted by small budget considerations, the low-budget retreats may be more favorable. The price range here is between $500 to $1,200. The choice of accommodation on these packages is limited with mostly shared accommodation available. Also restricted is the number of ceremonies included.‌‌

Please refer to this table to quickly check pricing information and factors that influence it in different types of Ayahuasca retreats.

Retreat PackageAverage Cost (USD)Description
Top-tiered$4,000Private, custom, and luxury experiences tailored to individual preferences, including accommodation, menus, and shamanic facilitation.
Standard$1,500 – $2,200Offers comfortable facilities, moderate group sizes, and a balance between affordability and quality.
Low-budget$500 – $1,200Budget-friendly option with shared accommodation and limited ceremony inclusions. Suitable for those with financial constraints.
Ayahuasca Retreat Cost Comparison

Budgeting Tips for Choosing the Right Ayahuasca Retreat for You

Planning your Ayahuasca retreat budget involves considering the retreat itself and additional expenses. Here are some budgeting tips to have in mind:

  • Compare retreat costs: Research different ayahuasca retreats and compare their base prices and packages. Consider factors like retreat duration, location (luxury vs. basic), and ceremony styles.
  • Factor in additional retreat expenses: Some retreats may have additional fees for dietary restrictions, transportation to the center, or airport transfers.
  • Estimate flight costs: Look for deals on flights to your retreat destination well in advance.
  • Consider accommodation before and after the retreat: Depending on the retreat location, you might need to factor in hotel stays before or after the program.
  • Budget for souvenirs (optional): Many retreats are located near places where you can buy traditional handicrafts. Allocate a spending limit for souvenirs if interested.

By following these tips, you can create a realistic budget for your Ayahuasca retreat experience.

Optimize Your Retreat Cost at Refugio Altiplano

At Refugio Altiplano, we offer a convenient all-inclusive package for your Ayahuasca retreat. This means we cover all your expenses from the moment you step on the boat to Iquitos until we return you there after the retreat. This includes accommodation, meals, ceremonies, and transportation within the retreat program.

Optional Expenses to Consider

Outside of this, you may wish to allocate extra money for:

  • Gratuities: While tipping is entirely optional, our staff appreciates your generosity. Gratuities typically range from $50 to $200.
  • Souvenir Shopping: Refugio Altiplano is located near indigenous villages where you can find beautiful traditional handicrafts. This is a great opportunity to support the local community and acquire unique souvenirs.

Exploring Beyond the Retreat

Our guests may also include in their budgets a certain amount to spend on visits to neighboring visits. Refugio Altiplano is wonderfully placed to be near indigenous villages. We can arrange visits to these indigenous visits to purchase authentic traditional handicrafts. Common handicraft items purchased include tapestries, artwork, handcrafted jewelry, and wooden statues.

In addition to this, you might want to explore other areas and cities whilst in Peru and your budget would need to be adjusted for this. Depending on your preference of accommodation (luxury or budget-friendly) and the places you want to see and things to do, you will have to budget accordingly. 

Peru boasts natural wonders such as Machu Picchu, ancient ruins, and extensive coastlines for beach activities. Whether you seek thrilling adventures in the jungle or prefer historical and cultural explorations, Peru caters to every tourist’s taste and preference.

What is Included in the Different Retreat Packages at Refugio Altiplano?

At Refugio Altiplano, we offer three carefully crafted packages, each designed to maximize your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being during your stay in Peru.

What’s Included in Your Retreat Package:

  • Roundtrip Transportation: We’ll whisk you away on our speedboat to and from the retreat center in Iquitos.
  • Accommodation: Relax and rejuvenate in our well-appointed rooms at the retreat center.
  • Nourishing Meals: Delicious and healthy meals, along with water, are included throughout your stay.
  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies: Depending on your chosen package, you’ll participate in a specific number of Ayahuasca ceremonies guided by experienced shamans.
  • Daytime Activities: Unwind and explore the surrounding beauty with additional activities like canoeing, fishing, hiking, or jungle walks (subject to availability).

Please Note:

  • Flight and Transfers: Your flight to Peru, airport transfers in Iquitos, and visa fees (if applicable) are not included in the retreat price.
  • Pre- and Post-Retreat Stays: We recommend arriving a day before the retreat begins. Several hotels are conveniently located near our office. Any costs associated with accommodation before or after your retreat program are your responsibility.
  • Personal Expenses: Food and other personal expenses while in Iquitos are not covered by the retreat package.

Ayahuasca Retreat Packages at Refugio Altiplano:

Refugio Altiplano offers a variety of retreat packages to suit your needs and desired length of stay. Here’s a breakdown of our offerings:

12-Day Ayahuasca Retreat:

  • Ideal for: Those seeking the most comprehensive experience and value.
  • Includes: 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicine integration, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, personalized consultations with a shaman, relaxing sauna sessions, convenient laundry services, and guided activities to explore the surrounding beauty.

Learn more about our 12-Day Ayahuasca retreat

9-Day Ayahuasca Retreat:

  • Focuses on: Sufficient time for profound healing and personal transformation.
  • Includes: 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicine integration, comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, consultations with a shaman, sauna access, laundry services, and guided activities.

Learn more about our 9-Day Ayahuasca retreat

7-Day Ayahuasca Retreat:

  • Perfect for: Those seeking a focused and introductory experience.
  • Includes: 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicine integration, comfortable accommodation, nourishing meals, consultations with a shaman, sauna access, laundry services, and guided activities.

Learn more about our 7-Day Ayahuasca retreat

All Packages Include:

  • Fixed Price for Easy Budgeting: The cost of your Ayahuasca experience is all-inclusive within your chosen package, making budgeting straightforward.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Refugio Altiplano prioritizes your safety and well-being throughout your retreat.

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Spiritual awakening and healing journeys are not without monetary considerations and so it is with ayahuasca retreats. It is for that reason it is recommended that you spend time researching the options available to find an affordable ayahuasca retreat.

Our premier ayahuasca retreat in Peru, Refugio Altiplano, strives to provide the ultimate, safe, and transformative experience while optimizing your cost, ensuring both affordability and quality throughout your journey.

Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable ayahuasca retreat experience in Peru.